The Mesquite City Council has decided it is time to freshen up the City’s annual festival currently known as the Real. Texas. Festival. (RTF) which has been held annually in April for the past nine years. In its proposed budget for 2015 – 16, the Council has budgeted funds to do a summertime event that is more family focused. Although the RTF has enjoyed many successes on a variety of levels, the rising cost of producing a two-day event of that magnitude has become increasingly challenging. One of those costs are the fees charged by headlining musical acts. Those costs have surged in recent years with the competition from other springtime festivals and regional casinos producing their own concerts.

City staff are currently planning a new event with many of the popular activities enjoyed during the past nine years at the RTF. These include carnival rides, music and tons of family-oriented entertainment. Many details are being finalized and we hope to have more information in the coming months. But we wanted to announce we are in the planning stages to produce a great, community-oriented annual event for the summer of 2016.

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